Frequently Asked Questions

Please also see the Not so Frequently Asked Questions section below.

Who are you?

We are a friendly social group, comprising around 30 people, who meet several times a week for social/ sports events, parties, discos, quizzes and more! We provide a welcome break from everyday life, adding fun and variety. As part of a national network of groups, run voluntarily by members, membership of Barnet Plus gives access to many other groups across the country - so you can quickly form a wide social network of friends. Take a look at The National Federation of Plus Groups website to discover the sheer scale of things. By joining, you will have access to valuable opportunities to network and meet a large variety of people from all around the country.

Where and when do you meet?

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How much does it cost?

There is a £ 2 entry fee for Sunday events. The annual membership is just £ 10 for new members. Membership must be taken out by the time of your fourth visit. This fee is simply there to help fund activities and venue hire. By joining Barnet Plus, you automatically become a member of the National Plus organisation, potentially allowing you to expand your social network nationally and join national events.

What is the age range?

Our members have a broad age range, being typically in their 40s. The upper age limit for new members is 65.

Contact details?

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Not so Frequently Asked Questions!

Answers to less frequently asked questions:

What's the atmosphere like?

Very Informal and friendly. We do our best to encourage new members and make them feel welcome.

Are you for singles or couples?

Both are equally welcome to join, and do!

I'm really looking for a new partner?

Well though we are not a dating agency, many happy relationships and marriages have happened as a result of Plus. We have a rough split of 50:50 men and women.

I am after the opportunity to expand my social network, both locally and nationally?

This is easy to achieve by joining Barnet Plus as we are closely linked to a larger national organisation and we meet regularly with other groups for social events.

I don't live in Barnet - Can I still join?

Yes. Many of our members have travelled far to reach us for events.

Are you affiliated to any political organisation or religious body?

No. Barnet Plus and National Plus are not affiliated to any party political organisation or religious body. Everyone is welcome.

How are you organised?

There is a committee run voluntarily by members to help keep things running smoothly. Members are welcome to contribute group event ideas and suggestions.

When were you established?

Barnet Plus was formed in 1981. The National Plus organisation (then called '18 Plus') was formed in 1939 as a social group for young people.

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